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Yay or Nay to DickPics for Profiles?

Look, there are really nice penises out there. Some that really deserve a second glance, some may even deserve to be framed art to be studied because they have that certain “wow” factor!

When asking around to find out what the ladies think of these “dick pics” as profile pictures; here’s the uncovered scoop…

Women DO like a Nice Penis, but…

First things first, let it be said that when the ladies feel like it, they really love looking at a nice penis. And that’s exactly where it’s at. When they feel like it.

Especially on SDC, it may be worth it to pay closer consideration to what the ultimate goal is: be it yours or that of the profiles you are interested in. Like, really, everyone knows the ultimate goal. It’s not a big secret, nope!

Perhaps you are an exhibitionist and like to share your penis pictures as much as possible for kicks? Then by all means, go for it!

Is it your intention to make new sexy friends and get it on with women and/or couples and your profile picture is your penis? Well, your one-eyed snake picture may need a little makeover!

Mind over Matter?

Before you jump in head first and fully erect, it may be worth it to take your time and do some research about how you can gain the most   success in lifestyle circles. Especially when you have newly embraced the lifestyle, perhaps watch and learn first. Before you go ahead and post that picture you just took — yes, THAT one — it may be very smart to rethink that strategy of showing a hard-on together with that short, uninspiring “Hello!” that seems to ruthlessly penetrate so many inboxes.

Unless, of course, your message was really just meant to say, “Hey look, I have a penis…!” More power to you. You have succeeded in communicating exactly that.

However, that doesn’t tell anyone anything about you, your looks, your persona, your intentions, your fantasies or your skills to go with   the tool you’ve just thrust into their inbox — just sayin’!

When you understand and master the fine art of seduction, however, you will know that a lot of the lead-up to great sexual encounters happens in the mind. The promise of what can be, what can happen, and what you may experience together. So, it’s perhaps safe to say that you need to think about seducing the mind first.

In the lifestyle world, where mostly women have the upper hand, first impressions do matter. It’s good to know that whether you are big, small, straight, bent, bold or not in the lifestyle, it’s really mostly about the click and not so much the dick.