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Tips To Please Her Anally

Guys, St. Patrick’s Day Weekend is in just a couple of days and we want to help you get lucky by getting some ass. LITERALLY! Here are a few tips on how to please your special lady or ladies (we are swingers after all) anally.

#1 Use lube.

Lube will help create sensitivity and make things nice and slippery before performing any type of insertion.

#2 Start with toys.

Don’t go shoving your junk in there right away, especially if she is new to this. Do that, and you’ll never get any tail from her again! It’s a good idea to start with a small toy and play with her very shallowly. Keep in mind that you are trying to stimulate the nerve endings of the anus. There is no need to get ALL THE WAY UP IN THERE. Start with just the tip, guys! JUST. THE. TIP. 

#3 Work the booty.

Start off with a sensual ass rub. Get her used to you playing back there a bit with your hands. Make sure you have your lube handy and try gently dipping the tip of your thumb in and out of her. Fellas, I hope you already know this, but please don’t put that same finger in her vagina!

#4 Help her relax.

Help her relax by building her trust through communication about what she’s feeling and what she likes. Tell her how amazing her body looks to help her get rid of any insecurities. Again, a massage is a good idea here.

#5 Slow and steady wins the race.

Again, don’t just start shoving stuff up there! Slowly work your way in with your fingers or a small toy and progress from there. Anal play requires prepping, especially for a first-timer.

#6 Include additional stimulation.

There is a 95% chance that she’s not going to orgasm from anal play. You should use anal play as a complement to other sources of stimulation. For example, try licking her clitoris as you insert a finger into her bum. Vibrators work wonders too!


Try your luck at some tail at Trapeze this weekend! When was the last time you got your shamrocks off? Check out this weekend’s events lineup in Atlanta and South Florida.


Happy Swinging!