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Going To A Sex Party – 5 Things You Need To Know

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So you’re interested in checking out a sex party, but aren’t quite sure how to get started. Fortunately for you, there are underground sex parties just about everywhere, especially in larger cities. Because of health codes, laws and regulations, most sex parties are “roaming” and move from place to place – often from someone’s posh pad to another. If you want to attend a sex party but aren’t sure how to get to one – and what to do once you’re there – check out these simple but essential rules that will help get you started.

Scoring An Invite

An invitation to a swinging get together or sex party isn’t something you’re going to get in the mail. Since most of these groups meet secretly, they’re considered “underground” and usually invites are given simply by word of mouth. Therefore, to get into a sex party – especially a top notch, elite one – you’re going to have to be connected. Invites to the sex party are given by the hosts to certain people, and they in turn invite people that they think would be a good addition. However, not everyone that hears about the get together are able to invite people. Since it only takes one jackass to ruin a great sex party, invitations are issued discerningly. Score your invite by getting out there and befriending people that are likely to be into that scene.

Condoms Are A Must

At a sex party, condoms are an absolute must. Of course if you and your partner are “watching only” and simply participating in sex with each other, that’s a different story. However, if you plan to be having sex with anyone else at the shindig, bring your own protection. A good host will have a “grab bag” of latex and polyurethane goodies that can be passed around, but depending on the type of get together you’re going to, they may not. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so slip a few condoms in your purse before you leave. Don’t expect to have sex with anyone else there without the proper protection.

Alcohol Is At The Discretion Of The Host

Depending on the type of sex party you’re going to and the preferences of the host, there may or may not be alcohol available. Hosts that have been jaded in the past by a drunk that ruined the shindig (because it only takes one) will most likely keep it alcohol free. Some hosts will provide alcohol for a steeper cover charge, or they will allow guests to bring their own and have a bartender there to serve it. Make sure you’re fully aware of the alcohol policy before you go, lest you bring a bottle of wine to an alcohol free party or end up alcohol-less when everyone else has something to ease their jitters.

Everything Must Be Consensual

Remember the golden rule about sex – anything that goes on between consenting adults is all in good fun as long as no one gets hurt. While there may be some questionably painful BDSM going on at your chosen shindig, it is usually okay as long as everyone involved in the activity consents to what is going on. If you’re not into something in particular, like anal sex, make sure you gravitate more towards others who are taking part in activities that you are more comfortable with. Don’t judge, because nobody at a sex party wants someone around who will look down on them for what they’re doing. On the same token, remember that anything you want to do with someone else must be agreed upon beforehand – even if it’s something as simple as giving them a slap on the rear.

Single Guys Are Usually Not Allowed

Many sex parties and sex clubs require that men come accompanied by women and single guys looking to hook up just aren’t welcome. Single guys who want to get into the sex party scene can come with a friend of theirs that is a girl, as long as they appear to be a couple and are comfortable with having sex with each other and other people. Guys, of course, must be on their best behavior and any guy that is being lewd or rude is going to get the boot – and his girl will end up outside with him. Single women, however, are almost always welcomed at these kinds of get togethers, because many couples are looking for a single woman to join the fun. Just remember that the cardinal rule of all sex parties is this: be safe, polite and have fun.