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Find Out What Attracts Couples in a Swingers Club

We asked our social media followers what attracts them to other couples in a swingers club and these are the results!


#5 Eye Contact

Our followers value eye contact. Eye contact is an easy way to let someone know you’re interested without saying a word. The next time you see a couple you’re interested in, try undressing them with your eyes.

From Our Followers:

“We know that if a couple is making eyes at us that they are interested. It’s a subtle way to say, ‘Hey, you’re hot!”

“Appearance first. Eye contact. Personality. Dancing couples always get our attention.”


#4 Don’t Be Pushy

Coming in at #4 is Don’t Be Pushy! A good rule of thumb is that if someone is walking away from you, don’t follow them unless invited! Also, it’s generally a good idea not to lead the conversation with sex. Try to get to know them first. “Hey, is this your first time here?” “How long have you been in the lifestyle?”

From Our Followers:

“Fit, attractive and funny. Not pushy but show interest.”

“We want to feel desired without feeling pressured to go to the playroom right away. Pushy couples make us uncomfortable.”


#3 Chemistry

The third most popular submission is chemistry. What good is being attractive with a good personality if things still feel awkward? Don’t force it. Be as natural as possible! A good way to build chemistry is to move things to the dance floor.

From Our Followers:

“Chemistry is important to us. If we can’t hold a natural conversation, things might get awkward in the playroom.”


#2 Personality

Personality came in at #2. You won’t always be a good fit for everyone, but there are some things you can do to increase your chances. One way to increase your chances of finding a swinging match is to be confident. Another popular word of advice given by our followers was to be open and inviting.

From Our Followers:

“Personality is the most important. That and the ability to carry a conversation.”

“Their enthusiasm for us. Someone who just wants to receive is a turn off – we love to give, but we also want to get as well. We want to feel wanted! This may sound obvious, but some people out there are just not as giving as others.”


#1 Physically Attractive

According to our followers, being physically attractive is the #1 driving force when it comes to being interested in another couple. Keep in mind that physical attractiveness goes beyond having good genes. This includes good hygiene and being well dressed. With that being said, shower, brush your teeth, and throw on your favorite outfit before attending a swingers club!

From Our Followers:

“Sexy attractive couples . . .HWP and being able to hold a conversation.”

“Good looking and confident!”

“Smile. Warm friendly people. Balanced in terms of looks (we don’t take one for the team).”