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Body Language That Turns Women Off

Body language is an important tool to use to attract ladies. But are your actions actually sending girls the other way?

Body Language That Women Don’t Like

It has been said that 80% of all communication comes from body language. This is a form of non-verbal communiqué that has the ability to instantly turn women off. When you use the right actions, you send a message to women telling them you are confident and available. When you use the wrong actions, the thought of dating you can go out the window in just a couple of seconds.

If you are not completely aware of your non-verbal communication, you could easily lose her. When you implement the right kind of non-verbal communication, you will be able to instantly show your qualifications as a potential date. Here are some examples of body language that women don’t like.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is essential to showing your confidence. When you make eye contact with a woman, the most natural thing to do is look away. If you instantly look away, the amount of confidence being conveyed goes through the floor. The best way to overcome this is to make contact with the woman and then keep the eye contact until she looks away. This will usually occur within a couple of seconds. When she looks away first, it shows submission.

Here is a guideline:

  • Make eye contact with her.
  • Wait for her to reciprocate.
  • Maintain the eye contact.
  • Wait for her to look away.
  • You look away.



Posture can be a magnet to women. Do you remember your teachers showing you how to properly sit in a chair during grammar school? Regress back to the 3rd grade and implement this back into your life. Posture is non-verbal communication that can turn women off from a distance. Slouching while sitting or standing does not convey confidence. Posture can convey power. The best way to overcome bad posture is to suck in your stomach a little and hold your head up. Arch your back slightly to pull back your shoulders.

This might feel a little strange at first, but it works. Try to make yourself look as big as possible. Women are not attracted to men who slouch. Just think, how attractive was Al Bundy?


Fidgeting is definitely something that turns women off. When you fidget you suggest nervousness. Women don’t want a man that is nervous when they are talking to them. This can apply to when you approach her and during the opening conversation. Making really fast movements and playing with your belt or zipper instantly shows that you are submissive to her power. The most frequent signs that a girl is into you involve HER playing with her hair, playing with jewelry or any other nervous tick.

So when you think about it, this role should be reversed. Instead of you making these movements, you should be making her fidget. When you are talking to a woman, have a mental picture of a hypnotist. A hypnotist makes very slow and calculated movements. These are there for a reason. These movements make the person being hypnotized anticipate the movements. This brings mysteriousness to your personality and will convey dominance.

The Tone Of Your Voice

The tone of your voice is technically “language” but it’s also a form of body language that can turn women off. There is a certain tone that must be applied when talking to women. If you have ever taken a public speaking class, you should know that your voice sends a message. This is applicable to talking to women also. Weak and squeaky voice tone is not attractive. There is a breathing exercise that will help you out. Breath in to fill your stomach instead of your lungs. Talk as you breath out to achieve a deeper voice.

Body language is essential to showing that you are a confidence man with a lot to offer both sexually and from a personality standpoint. When you use body language that turns women off, you aren’t getting the message through. When you fully implement the right actions, you could see a rise in the amount of women that respond to you in a positive manner.

Eye contact is your first point of interaction. Once she has submitted to your eye contact, you can approach with confidence. Use the correct posture in your walk when you approach her and she will be instantly open to a conversation. Make slow movements while you are talking to her and watch for the signs of fidgeting. Implement your deeper voice tone and she will be putty in your hands.