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Biggest Turnoffs in a Swingers Club

We asked our fellow swingers on social media what their biggest turnoffs are when attending a swingers club and here are the results!

1. Pushy People

The #1 turnoff according to our followers is pushiness. When you attend a swingers club, focus on building a natural chemistry before suggesting heading to the playrooms. The suggestion only needs to be made once. If you have to ask twice, they’re not interested.

2. Poor Hygiene

In second place comes hygiene. Practicing good hygiene before attending a swingers club should be an automatic. Take a shower, brush your teeth, deodorize, and comb your hair.

3. Unfriendly people

Thirdly, unfriendliness is a major turnoff for our fellow swingers. Even if you aren’t interested, be courteous and polite. We want to keep our fellow swingers encouraged and uplifted, so put on a smile with that g-string!

4. Immature single men

Guys, we’re all adults here so lets act like it! Check out these 6 tips for single males attending a swingers club.

We hope to see you all at our parties in Atlanta and South Florida this week.

Happy Swinging!