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The Trapeze Dining Experience

/ Atlanta's Kitchen

Join us for a nightly buffet dinner and breakfast at the nation’s number one swinger’s club. Unlike any other lifestyle club of its kind, dining at Trapeze swinger’s club in Atlanta offers members a five-star experience for your palate.

Our highly-regarded private chef prepares international cuisine using the highest quality ingredients to ensure your meals are the best you’ve ever experienced.

We ensure that each night’s menu offers a variety of different options to suit every dietary need. Our kitchen staff is happy to prepare meals to order according to dietary needs. Vegetarian meals are also available by request.



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Main Dishes

"Hibachi Night"
Made to order oriental inspired dishes

Side Dishes

"Mexican Night"
Made to order Tex-Mex inspired dishes


Main Dishes

"Taco night"
Tex-mex inspired meal
Made to order tacos, nachos and fajitas

Side Dishes

"Taco night"
Tex-mex inspired meal
Made to order tacos, nachos and fajitas


Main Dishes

sautéed chicken supreme
citrus grilled halibut
Grilled to order black Angus sirloin steaks


sautéed haricort vert
potato gratin
mushroom risotto


Main Dishes

chicken Florentine w/ linguine
sautéed salmon w/ wild rice pilaf
Grilled to order black Angus sirloin steaks

Side Dishes

vegetable mélange
Spinach Gnocchi bake
Grilled pork chops w Delmonico potatoes


Main Dishes

Grilled chicken parmesan
Balsamic glazed triggerfish
Carved roasted turkey breast

Side Dishes

Parsley noodles

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