Atlanta's Upcoming Events

Join us at Trapeze in Atlanta for one of our themed parties! Trapeze is not only incredibly erotic and sexually authentic,
but we insist upon the highest standards in everything we do. Our parties are renowned tor being tun and flirty yet
mysterious and exciting, which means we attract onlv the highest quality of swingers!

04aug(aug 4)8:00 pm05(aug 5)3:00 amNoobies Night

05aug(aug 5)8:00 pm06(aug 6)4:00 amThe Cheek Squad

06aug(aug 6)8:00 pm07(aug 7)4:00 amTom's Trips Gold Rush

07aug(aug 7)8:00 pm08(aug 8)3:00 amMidnight Mimosas

10aug(aug 10)8:00 pm11(aug 11)3:00 amSextra Credit

11aug(aug 11)8:00 pm12(aug 12)3:00 amNoobies Night

12aug(aug 12)8:00 pm13(aug 13)4:00 amKasidie Freaky in Fishnets

13aug(aug 13)8:00 pm14(aug 14)3:00 amSDC Playboy Mansion

14aug(aug 14)8:00 pm15(aug 15)3:00 amMidnight Mimosas

17aug(aug 17)8:00 pm18(aug 18)3:00 amSextra Credit

18aug(aug 18)8:00 pm19(aug 19)3:00 amNoobies Night

19aug(aug 19)8:00 pm20(aug 20)4:00 amNude Interlude

20aug(aug 20)8:00 pm21(aug 21)3:00 amUnicorn Night

21aug(aug 21)8:00 pm22(aug 22)3:00 amMidnight Mimosas

24aug(aug 24)8:00 pm25(aug 25)3:00 amSextra Credit

25aug(aug 25)8:00 pm26(aug 26)3:00 amNoobies Night

26aug(aug 26)8:00 pm27(aug 27)4:00 amTight N Bright

27aug(aug 27)8:00 pm28(aug 28)4:00 amKasidie After School Detention

28aug(aug 28)8:00 pm29(aug 29)3:00 amMidnight Mimosas

31aug01sepWay Back Wednesday

*Terms and conditions apply. Membership required. See event details for more.
Events subject to change without notice at manager’s discretion.