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Are You Naughty Enough To Try These Bad-Girl Only Moves?

Sex tips can help good girls go naughty and your man will LOVE it! Are you bad enough to try these kinky sex tips?

Every good girl knows that bad girls have the best sex ever. Every man loves a bad girl, just like girls love bad boys. But the reality of being with one or being one isn’t as good as the fantasy. So if you’re a good girl, what can you take from bad girls to spice up your life? I’ve got some bad girl only sex moves, but can you handle them? Are you ready to get that naughty?

Take Him

So many times men have to make the first move. And while many men enjoy being dominant and taking charge, there is definitely a downside to this as well. It makes men feel like they are in a position to beg or be rejected. If he makes a move and you’re not into it for any reason, he’ll be depressed, hurt, angry, confused, or just feel plain unappreciated.

Now you can see why making the first move can get old for men. Every guy secretly wants a woman to not only initiate sex, but demand it. Nothing’s hotter to a guy than a woman who says “we are having sex. Right here, right now. Don’t say no.” That’s just plain hot, and it makes men feel wanted, which is just as important to us as it is to you, we just may not say it or even be aware of it, but it’s true. Take him, often. The more you randomly screw your man like a bad girl would, the more he’ll be your man forever or for as long as you want.

Get Yourself Off

Bad girls don’t expect the man to give them an orgasm. They take it. They just happen to use him as a human dildo. The man is simply along for the ride. She’s just using him for sex.

This is pretty awesome for the guy too. So many men feel so much pressure from women to produce sexually. It’s like they just disrobe, lay there naked and say “okay, begin dispensing the multiple orgasms!” Last time I checked, it takes two to tango.

A bad girl doesn’t depend on a man for great sex. She knows she’s an amazing lover. She is so good at sex, porn stars come to her for sex advice. Since she is capable of performing sexually at such a high level, she does so. Always. And not only does she fuck like a rock star, she demands that her partner do so as well. She brings her lover or lovers up to her high level of sexual performance. Not only does that make sure she is way more likely to have intense, incredible orgasms, it makes sure her men become putty in her hands, mouth, vagina or anus.

Pre-Heat Your Own

Ever meet a bad girl? Ever see her when she isn’t turned on? No. A bad girl is hornier than a teenager on Viagra. Now, I understand you might not always be sexually aroused, but you should always be sexually aroused around him. Don’t depend on him to make you feel sexy. Make yourself feel sexy. Wear sexy underwear (or don’t wear any at all), masturbate at work. Look at porn, read erotica, do whatever it takes to get to feeling sexy and stay there.

Open It Up

Bad girls are down with having sex anywhere, any place, any time. Bathroom stalls, backseats, department store dressing rooms, office break rooms, you name it. Take a page from their location book. Screw places you only would if you knew you wouldn’t get caught or if you were on vacation and didn’t care. Screw like teenagers. Be loud. Talk dirty, leaving no stone unturned and put everything on the table.

Own Your Body

Bad girls have no qualms about their bodies. They are comfortable in their own skin yes, but they love using sex toys on themselves and on their partners. They love to dress up in sexy costumes. They’re all about the role play. They love to live out their deepest, darkest, wildest sex fantasies.

Eradicate Your Hang Ups

Bad girls have no issue about anything. IF they like to have anal sex, they live to have anal sex. They will have sex with women if they choose, have ten lovers in one day if they feel like it, and they will enjoy every second of it.

You can’t do any of that if you are sexually repressed or inhibited in any way. If you are, a guy will pick up on it in a second, and that’s a huge turn off for us. Now we know that not every woman enjoys giving blowjobs for example, but if you’re not into it, that’s one thing. If you want to, but don’t have the guts to, that’s another.