5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Date Night at a Swingers Club Even if You Aren’t Swingers

1. Experience 5-Star Dining.

When I say “5-star dining,” I’m not exaggerating. Every meal at Trapeze Club is prepared by highly-regarded private chefs who prepare international cuisines using the highest quality ingredients to ensure your meals are the best you’ve ever experienced.

2. You get to BYOB.

When you have a date night at a swingers club you can bring your own bottle. With Trapeze being all-inclusive, you won’t have to worry about running up your check just to enjoy a nice glass of wine. Your personal bottle will be safely stored at the club and only you and your guests will be allowed to drink from it.

3. It’s sexy as HELL!

This one probably goes without saying, but swingers clubs are very sexy. If you’re not in the mood to play before heading out, you’ll definitely be in the mood once you get there.

4. Enjoy the dance floor.

Do you and your significant other enjoy dancing? The dance floors at a swingers club are packed with sexy, open-minded people. Release your inhibitions and cut a rug!

5. Spectate or play in the playrooms.

If you and your better half still aren’t swingers by the end of the night, that’s perfectly fine! Trapeze takes pride in maintaining a friendly, no-pressure environment. Feel free to head to the playrooms for a live show. You may even find an empty room where you can enjoy some alone time together.