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How To Find The G-Spot

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Just about everyone has heard of the g-spot. It’s supposedly the “holy grail” of all female sexual stimulation – so why can’t anyone find it? If you do get lucky and find a woman’s g-spot, how to heck are you supposed to stimulate it? Here’s a quick and easy guide to simple, g-spot stimulation that works flawlessly each time and every time.

It’s amazing how many men and women don’t know how to find the g-spot! Read on to find out exactly what the g-spot is and how to find it!

What Is The G-Spot?

The g-spot is a ball of nerve endings inside a woman’s vagina. Similar to a clitoris, these nerve endings pick up sexual stimulation and allow women to have orgasms. The g-spot is important, because most of the inner vagina doesn’t have nerve endings – which is why most women can’t feel a tampon if it’s inserted properly. So to truly stimulate your partner’s vagina, it’s important to find the g-spot and learn how to stimulate it to give your partner a great internal orgasm. It also allows you to vary the types of orgasms you can give your partner, instead of relying only on clitoral orgasms.

How To Find The G-Spot

Contrary to popular belief, the g-spot isn’t terribly hard to find. It’s located just inside a woman’s vagina, on the top, right behind the pubic bone. To find the g-spot, all you have to do is insert one or two fingers inside your partner’s vagina, with your palm up. The g-spot is about finger length away from the opening of the vagina, so once your fingers are in, feel along the top of her vagina and behind the pubic bone for a spongy, bumpy spot. Most of the vagina is smooth, so you’ll probably be able to distinguish the g-spot from the rest of her vaginal tissue. If your partner is turned on, however, the g-spot will be swollen and a little easier to find. Many men who couldn’t find the g-spot probably tried to do so when their partner wasn’t turned on mentally or physically, so the g-spot was much smaller and more hidden. If you want success the first time, make sure you kiss your partner, fondle her, stimulate her nipples and turn her on before you start searching for her “holy grail.”

How To Stimulate The G-Spot

Stimulating the g-spot is actually quite easy too – after you’ve located it with your fingers along the top wall of her vagina, simply move your fingers towards you and back in a continuing “come here” motion. You can also tap the g-spot, or move your fingers from side to side for additional stimulation. If you really want to get your partner going, try giving her a blended orgasm by combining g-spot stimulation with clitoral stimulation. This is most successful if you can provide her with oral sex while you finger her g-spot, but you can use your other hand or even a toy if you want to give her unexpected sensations.



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