Club Fees

Trapeze Swinging Clubs Fees

swinging clubsTrapeze Swinging Clubs fees allow us to maintain its exclusivity. They include  membership fees and nightly user fees.

Both single women and couples in proper attire may attend nightly events beginning at 8 p.m. Attendance by single gentlemen is limited to Wednesday through Friday.

Every person allowed into the club must purchase a membership, regardless of partnership status. Memberships can be obtained at the front desk of our club. Just bring a picture ID and the sign up only takes a moment.

In addition, a nightly user fee must be paid. This covers your buffet dinner and breakfast, mixers, locker usage, and back room entrance.

Membership Fees

Nightly User Fees


  • Annual Membership:$300
  • 2-Month Membership: $50

Single Males:

  • 1-Month Membership: $100
  • 2-Month Membership: $150

Single Female:

  • 3-Month Membership: $25

  • Wednesday: $40
  • Thursday: $40
  • Friday: $70
  • Saturday: $80
  • Sunday: $50

Single Males:

  • Wednesday: $75
  • Thursday: $75
  • Friday: $75
  • Sunday: $75

Single Female:

  • Nightly: $15
Out of Towners
We do not currently offer any discounts for out of town visitors. Check our calendar for any specials.

Trapeze opens its doors at 8pm and operates 52 weeks out of the year.  Guests are also required to pay an annual membership fee along with a nightly user fee.

Absolutely no refunds are offered in the event that a member chooses not to attend or misses an event. No cash refunds or exchanges.