Club Tour

Trapeze Swingers Club Amenities

You may have heard of Trapeze through the swinger’s grapevine and  are wondering what this unique lifestyle is all about. Simply put, our establishment offers adventurous adults the opportunity to play in a clean, upscale environment. Our friendly staff is warm and accommodating, our facility incomparable. Exclusive tours are offered to all those considering membership.

Our Swingers Club Amenities include:

  • 15,000 square feet of amenities
  • Large, full service buffet
  • Elevated community dining room with additional dining areas located around the club’s main room
  • Central dance floor with hit music played by our in-house DJ
  • Open play area with private rooms to accommodate both couples and singles

Are you ready to enjoy all these spectacular amenities? All guests visiting for the first time will be asked to complete the membership process, provide valid ID with proof of age, and agree to the rules of the club.

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