Daddy’s Little Girl – Cancer Fund

Little Allen’s youngest daughter, Elana, was diagnosed  with stage 4 cancer.  Please consider donating to this fund in an effort to offset the tremendous expenses that they will be faced with.  All of your support is appreciated more than you know.

Just 1 day after my daughter celebrated her 1st wedding Anniversary, Elana began experiencing tremendous pain in her lower back, leg and foot.  Thinking it was nothing, Elana continued to live her life and fought through the pain. When the pain became unbearable again, she went to the doctor to get scans for what we thought might be a herniated disc.donate

What we found was 7 abnormalities and lesions in her femur and pelvic area. After numerous tests, scans and biopsies, the lives of my newly wedded daughter and her husband Jason were turned upside down when her oncologist determined she had aggressive metastasized stage 4 cancer. The problem is that there is no clear diagnosis on what type of cancer it is. This happens in 1% of cases each year, and has made determining what treatment is necessary very difficult.

It’s been 2 1/2 years since Elana’s diagnosis. Since her diagnosis, she has been through over 12+ chemotherapy treatments and over 80 radiation treatments. She’s lost tremendous amounts of weight, lost her hair 2 times, slowly losing her ability to walk, and experiences tremendous pain, upon a myriad of other side effects of treatment.

Her courage and refusal to give up on her battle against Ewing’s Sarcoma, has led us to a point where we need partake in a clinical trial at Mass General Hospital in Boston.

Every three weeks, she will need to make the long trip from Florida to Boston for 7 straight days of treatment and chemotherapy, and then return home for two weeks.

It’s important that we keep Elana as close to Mass General Hospital as possible to avoid long travel times and make sure she has the quick access of the hospital in the case she experiences adverse effects from the treatment.

With that comes a large list of expenses, some of which are reimbursed for participating in the trial, but many of them including food, travel and lodging are not covered fully. We’re hoping this fundraising campaign will help lighten the financial burden of this experimental treatmemt that could and will help save my Daughter’s life.

I really appreciate you taking the time out to hear our story and possibly donating to our cause, thanks in advance for your support!

“Elana, the youngest of my 4 daughters at 31, is a fighter, super positive, optimistic and handling all of this like a champion. She is truly an amazing human being.”

-Allen Markowitz