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Reclaiming My Inner Slut


It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post that wasn’t a review. I’ve felt like a bit of a sex blogger fraud and like I haven’t had anything to say since it’s been a long time since I’ve been up to anything slutty. Hell, I’d subtitled my book The Wet Coast Confessions of an Anxious Slut and I began to fear people might call me out on not living up to it. My battles with mental illness, particularly depression, essentially stole the latter half of last year and the first few months of this one. Getting sexy fell completely off my radar while I worked to find a version of me that wasn’t just about surviving. Thankfully, I’ve slowly been finding my way back to myself though I still haven’t been able to fully reclaim my sexuality.

It was strange after having several years of super-sexy discovery and exploration to slip into a mode where the sexual piece of me that I’d considered so foundational to my identity was nearly entirely shut off. I no longer felt like the person I’d been for the past three years and seriously wondered if those years had been it for me. Like they’d been a peek into a life that I loved but one with a specific expiry date.

I’d been feeling a big distance in my romantic and sexual relationships and although Flick and I have grown close again, other relationships near and far were changing as we all fought our own battles, and most of those have transitioned into friendships. Adding family stress, changes in Flick’s relationships with his people, and some truly un-sexy physical ailments means I haven’t felt at all like the pervy slut I’d built a community and online presence around.

Unfortunately, when even the effort to lie on your Doxy Die Cast wand to get off feels like way more effort than you could possibly manage, dating and parties seemed out of the question. Even reviewing toys has often felt completely beyond me. You mean I have to get lube and a throe and put this thing inside/on me and then wash it after? Ugh! Occasionally, I have a small window of feeling sexy and fun again, and I’ve tried to take advantage of those moments, but it doesn’t take long to slip right back into the blah.

As someone in their mid 40s who was raised female, I’m ever conscious of both my attractiveness being considered more temporary than that of a man, as well as the hormonal changes that are going to be coming my way that may curb my sexual desire. That ‘last fuckable day’ looms large. As someone who is genderqueer I hope to harness the power of the Silver Fox rather than evolving into the crone. But then I get mad that there’s such a disparity in aging and that attractiveness at 50-plus is a thing reserved for masculine folks and I resent it at same time.

A couple of unexpected recent sexy experiences have reminded me that I do still have the sexually charged, libidinous, exhibitionistic piece of me inside. I felt the strength and charge I used to feel almost constantly at a queer kink event recently while Iris and I played together. To celebrate my 45th birthday, I invited a group of sexy people over to join me for a Babe Bang (more inclusive than Lady Bang but still no cis dudes) and that was an exceptional night of immersing in hedonistic pleasure. More on that night soon.

After not having any luck meeting the kinds of guys I’d like to date as I scrolled the dating apps, I have switched up my approach and have a few dates lined up with sexy women. Through putting myself out there I’ve started seeing someone pretty damn special who has helped me reintegrate the me who’d been trapped behind a wall of depression for far too long. I’m hoping every small step will continue to feed the flickering sexy spark until I’m aglow again with a brightly burning slut flame.

Our Friends Invited Us On Vacation—​To Have Sex With My Wife And Me

Howard Hunter


Gives a whole new meaning to ‘taking friendship to the next level.’

It’s a certainty in life that there are going to be times when something comes out of thin air and smacks you right upside the head. (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)

Maybe it’s the loss of a job, the end of a relationship, or the realization that Taylor Swift songs are really, really catchy. The point is: There are many things that will happen to you you just can’t prepare for.

Let’s go back in time, shall we?

My then-wife and I were living in a small town in Rhode Island. Being somewhat new to the area, we were still in the process of friend-making. Joe (new  “husband” friend) was a fun-loving guy, the type to always be first on the dance floor at our favorite watering hole, pulling whomever was nearest to him along. He was handsome in his own way with blond hair and a muscular build.

Kim (new “wife” friend) was a babe. Blond-haired, blue-eyed babe. The type of woman you do a double -take for. We met by chance at a mutual friends party a few months back. At the time, they had been married just a year or so (give or take a few months) and were clearly still in the newlywed stage, evidenced by the way they hung all over each other.

Thinking back, I should’ve seen the red flags.

One night, standing in the middle of the dance floor, Kim spun away from Joe pulled me close (really close, nose-to-nose close) and gave my ear a little nibble. I dismissed it as alcohol-induced behavior.

Not long into our newfound friendship and many of these (red flag) moments later, Joe and Kim invited my wife and I to accompany them on an all-expense paid trip to North Carolina’s Outer Bank.

At the time, it didn’t even cross my mind that they had ulterior motives. I remember thinking, “GREAT! Who doesn’t love a vacation? Who cares that we don’t know each other that well. Life is all about adventure!” (I was clearly a young and naive lad.)

The night before our trip, the four of us went out to dinner.The drinks were flowing and the conversation turned to how lucky we all felt about becoming “insta-besties.”

But the first physical telltale sign of what was to come happened when I found myself trying to ignore the subtle footsies coming from our friend’s wife. Again, I chalked it up to booze and off we went on a big jet plane to one of the most beautiful places on the East coast.

During hotel check-in, things started to get… interesting. We were informed they had only booked one room.

“Oops,” Joe said. “It must have been a mix-up.”

Unfortunately, my swingers radar hadn’t kicked in and it didn’t even occur to me that this was premeditated. As soon as we found ourselves all getting settled in, we put our swimsuits on and headed poolside to soak in some rays and sip a few mojitos.

That night, we hit the bars pretty hard. Everyone was pretty drunk and we might’ve gotten a bit touchy with one another, but some cross-flirtation is normal between couple-friends, right? We’re human.

The following night, Kim instructed Joe to take me out for a “few” drinks. Looking back, clearly, she was itching to spend some alone time with my wife.

A little bro time never hurts so we headed off into the more populated strip of bars and proceeded to get sh*tfaced.

Joe slammed back a shot and blurted out, “Do you want to see a picture?” His phone slid across the table and I found myself staring at a rather naked woman in (ahem) a somewhat compromising position.

“Is that your wife?” I asked.

He took the phone back and proceeded to tell me there was more where that came from, and that his wife thought I was really hot. The rules of man code immediately went racing through my drunken head.

How do I respond to this? Is he crossing a line with me? Did I just cross a line with him seeing this picture?

To be honest, my curiosity was drunkenly piqued. So, I asked him what he was getting at. He continued to press that his wife was into me and that he thought my wife was very beautiful.

Then he laid it all out, explaining that the reason they asked us to come on vacation was to sleep with us.

I quickly told him I needed a drink and went to the men’s room to call my wife. Apparently, the hangover from the night before had stopped her from drinking much at the hotel, and it seemed like Kim didn’t make her aware of the situation.

She heard my frantic tone and asked if I was OK. In that moment, I weighed telling her Joe’s true intentions against letting this play out; we still had another two days to go on the trip. Things could get all sorts of weird.

“I’m fine honey. Yep, be home in a bit.”

I took a moment to stare into the bathroom mirror and go over my options.

I could either take this gentleman up on his offer and dive headfirst into the swinger’s world (with my wife’s approval, of course) or I could excuse myself politely and leave the situation in a way that didn’t cause a rift.

Option three lurked as well: Grab my lady, head to the airport, and get out of dodge.

In my drunken state I shook my head and said, “Oh, I didn’t realize that you guys were swingers. I’m flattered by the offer, but my wife and I aren’t into that.”

Situation diffused. 

I saw his face drop. Did the two of us give off the wrong signals? I’m a flirt, yes, but I don’t think I give off the aura of Swinger For Hire.

The rest of that night went downhill very quickly, as did the rest of the trip. He proceeded to order shot after shot and get blackout drunk, leaving me to carry a guy who had at least 50 pounds on me back to the hotel room. Once there, he worshipped the porcelain throne whilst simultaneously explaining to his girlfriend (loudly) that he’d failed to convince me.

We ended up sticking it out, and a day and half later we all flew back. We didn’t see much of each other after that.

Honestly, I liked them both and wish things had gone differently, but there are a few lessons I hope they learned from this trip.

  1. If you’re going to ask a couple on a swinger’s vacation, please find out if they’re into it before hand.
  2. Asking to sleep with another man’s wife at any point just isn’t a good idea.

But what do I know? Maybe it’s worked for them before. I’ll never judge a book by its cover again, that’s for sure.


Swinger reveals what having sex with strangers is REALLY like

The unidentified man got into the swing of things after he and his past girlfriend had a threesome

A glimpse into the life of modern-day swingers: ‘It’s promiscuity with permission’

I’ve never considered myself a swinger. I like to call myself a ‘people person.’To me, swinging is old school ’70s porn where everybody puts their car keys into a fish bowl.  I just like going to parties and playing with people who don’t have hang-ups about sex, sexuality or their bodies.

Some of my friends ask me when am I going to grow up, they think it’s a phase I’m going through. People who do it regularly call it the lifestyle, because that’s what it is.

I started swinging in my mid twenties when a girlfriend and I had a threesome and then another threesome and then another and then it became pretty common to have a threesome every few months.

Then I graduated to erotic dance parties like the Sensual Ball, where we would go, meet other couples and then take them back to our hotel room.

The next level was going to swinger’s clubs like Our Secret Spot, Killing Kittens and private parties, where anywhere from 20-50 couples play.

One New Year’s Eve I remember seeing about 100 people naked and spread across three floors of a terrace house. It didn’t matter where you looked, there were people everywhere, undressed and engaging in sexual encounters.

When I’m sitting at work on a Monday morning and everybody is talking about their kids’ weekend sport or family barbecues, I just sit and grin, knowing that I had sex with random strangers, most whose names I will never know and will probably never see again.

It’s my own naughty little secret that I can replay over and over in my mind.

Traditional marriage was never for me. I have friends whose routine every Saturday night is eat take away Chinese, drink a few beers, and then get into the missionary position. I could never do that for 20-plus years. It’s an anathema for me.

I’ve learnt a lot about relationships being in the lifestyle. Everybody likes sex, you can have sex with someone while being in love with another person. If you think you can’t, that’s just your insecurities speaking.

Sex and love are two completely different things and they shouldn’t be confused. I’ve also learnt of the hypocrisy within so many relationships. The number of affairs that go on is mind boggling. If you think that your partner is never attracted to or looks at another person you’re kidding yourself.

I’ve seen so many people cheating on their partners outside of the lifestyle. Affairs hurt people, trust has been broken, lies have been told.

The real hypocrisy is society’s attitude. We read about affairs every day in trashy magazines, there’s even websites set up to allow you to have an affair, but swinging or the lifestyle is frowned upon. Which one is worse? Two people lying to their spouses and having a secret rendezvous in a cheap motel, or a room full of consenting adults giving each other pleasure?

In the swingers lifestyle there are no lies. People in the lifestyle don’t need to cheat or lie. If we want to have sex with another person we do it in front of our spouse. It’s promiscuity with permission. It’s not cheating if their husband watches.

Some of the strongest relationships I have seen are couples in the lifestyle.

If you can really talk to your partner about what you want in the bedroom or what another person did to you, then telling them that you don’t like that dress/suit/movie is no big deal.

The word ‘compersion’ is the opposite of jealousy. It means getting joy from your partner’s joy; watching your partner enjoy having sex with another person and being happy that they’re happy. Once you’ve chased away the ghosts of relationships past you can get over your insecurities and jealousies and start to experience compersion.

Even though it sounds very debauched and hedonistic (and it can be), there are still rules within the lifestyle:

No means no. If someone says no thanks, you had better respect it. If you try again, you’ll be getting on everyone’s nerves, if you try a third time you will be asked to leave.

No single males. Most parties, clubs and venues don’t allow single males, only couples and single women. This allows the women to chat and get to know each other before giving the nod for their men to play or swap with each other.

Women call the shots. It’s usually the women who will break the ice and start chatting to each other first or they will approach the man first. I’ve had many women come up and ask my partner if they can kiss/fondle/blow me etc. Never the other way around.

Safe sex always. Swingers are probably the safest people when it comes to sex. Most of my female friends don’t practice safe sex when they pick up a random at the pub, either because they are drunk, can’t be bothered or are in a rush. If you’re about to sleep with another woman and her husband’s watching, you bet he’s going to want you wearing a condom.

Each club and party has their own specific rules – like couples must stay in the same room when playing, when one half leaves they both must leave together, etc. but it all depends on the hosts on the night.

The only negative I have with the lifestyle is how addictive it becomes. After a few threesomes you move onto foursomes, then moresomes, and then just like a drug you want your next experience to be bigger and hotter than your last. You just want to keep pushing the envelope to get the next rush.

I’m not sure if it’s adrenaline, dopamine or prolactin, but it feels amazing.

Art Of Initiation: A 10-Step Etiquette Guide For Newbie Swingers

Howard Hunter

Because there’s things you need to know before you start swingin’.

Have you ever wondered how swingers get the party started in bed? If it takes two to tango, you’ll have to adjust the steps a bit to dance with four or more. Sex can be complicated enough for two people, let alone a whole group.

So how does one grease the wheels of this crowded sex train? Allow me to enlighten you with the 10 Commandments to swinging success:

  1. Shed those pesky inhibitions.

All parties involved have to come into the situation knowing what they’re walking into. One bad apple can spoil the bunch. So if there’s anyone in the room that seems to be hanging on to any reservations, the rest of the folks are going to feel it, and it’ll sour the sexy.

Know where you stand before you enter the room. More than likely, the other sex-cadets involved will have been looking forward to a multi-person sex-fueled release, and backing out kinda kills the vibe. Ya dig?

  1. Vett your prospective partners carefully.

Nothing’s worse than an awkward sexual experience. The same is true for swinging. Sex should be fun. Go out with your prospective partners beforehand and have a few sex-free experiences. Take them for a drink or a pleasant hike.

Bonobo apes often extend sex as a way to deepen bonds. The difference between us and them is a complex emotional spectrum that needs to be figured out before you decide to jump in the sack. Post-swing jealousy or even falling in love is a taboo within a taboo.

If you’re the jealous type or you think your chosen partners might be, save yourself the trouble by coming up with a few questions you can ask during the vetting process.

  1. Respect your partner’s boundaries.

No matter how excited you are about your sexcapade together, remember that everyone involved is a human being. Let finding out what they like and don’t like be an exciting part of the process, and respect their boundaries. A hard no is a hard no. No, if’s and’s or butt’s about it.

  1. Grease the wheels.

It’s no secret that the easiest way to get people to relax is alcohol. But please, for the love of Pete, don’t overdo it. Sloppy drunk isn’t sexy and whiskey dick kills the vibe. Trust me, you don’t want to be stuck watching your wife/girlfreind doing the wild monkey dance with another guy while you nurse your case of playdoe penis in the corner.

It’s best to keep it to a drink or two. Perhaps a lovely bottle of ’78 Cabernet Sauvignon that you’ve been saving for a special occasion. You can even break the ice by talking about how red wine can enhance the act of cunninglingus, as said in the book, She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide To Pleasuring A Woman. You’ll set the mood and I’m sure they will all impressed with your literary prowess.

  1. Set the thermometer to sexy.

A comfortable environment is key. Don’t be lazy — tidy up, turn the lights down low, bring out the comfy pillows and wash the sheets. Most importantly, make sure it’s nice and warm. The urge to peel off a few layers may just help move things along.

  1. Expectations ruin everything.

If you’ve been fantasizing about specific scenarios, you’re bound to be disappointed. Go with the flow; no one can read your mind. A little leading is fine, but if the other guy isn’t looking to Eiffel tower with you, just let it be.

  1. Keep it tight!

Get a Brazilian wax, do a little (or a lot) of manscaping, and stay in shape. It goes without saying that sex is better with a person who takes care of themselves. So if you expect it from your partners, then you better bring it.

Also, if you first thought is, What if he’s bigger than me? or What if she’s skinnier than me? than your self-consciousness will show. No body is perfect. Nobody. Except maybe model Emily Ratajkowski.

  1. Keep it lighthearted.

Leave your drama at the door. Swinging is an escape from the everyday. That’s what makes it so exciting. So don’t bring up how your boss has been harping on you this week, or how your house renovations are way behind schedule. Keep it to lighthearted bedroom banter.

  1. Keep the noises in check.

We all make noise in bed, and that’s fine! But no one wants to feel like they are in a screaming match. It can also create jealousy if one partner thinks their lover is moaning/grunting louder than they do with them. You’re there for exploration and fun. No competing.

  1. Keep it safe.

The vetting process mentioned in step two should be as long as you need to feel comfortable. After all, you intend to sleep with these people and that comes with some realities. This includes STDs. It’s not out of the realm of acceptability to ask them to get tested before hand.

Honestly, you’ll have a lot more fun when the time comes if you know you are safe. So wrap it up, people! If you’re grown up enough to swing, you’re grown up enough to protect yourself and your partner.

Now go get ’em, you gorgeous swingin’ mynx!

What Happened When I Went To A Swingers Club As A Single Woman

Jackie Melfi

It was like suddenly I was someone else. Someone who wanted to be seen. Someone who wasn’t afraid.

The very first time I entered a swingers club, I was single. Granted, John and I were dating at the time, but technically I WAS single… and I WAS nervous! After all, I had never been inside a “sex” club.

Yes, the swingers club was colette, and because John and I were dating, it made sense that I would be visiting one of his clubs for my “maiden” voyage. I had looked at pictures of the club online and have to admit, I was really surprised at how cool it looked. I can’t remember exactly what my imagination had conjured up, but it definitely didn’t match the photos on the website. The club not only appeared to be decorated with upscale furniture, but the layout of the conversation/bar area mirrored any high-end night club.

Now I was even more intrigued!

Okay, so I cleared the first hurdle safely and successfully. The club website and interior had piqued my interest enough that visiting the club seemed like a plausible option.

The next hurdle, which really wasn’t all that difficult, was shopping. There aren’t too many women who don’t enjoy a leisurely stroll through the mall. Yes, I had a closet full of dresses, but I didn’t have one for a wild and crazy night out on the town. I was going to get the chance to spread my wings and wear something which made me feel sexy!

Oh boy, this was going to be harder than I thought. When it actually came to trying on all the sexy, short, barely-there dresses I had bravely gathered in the dressing room, I was overcome with doubt. Could I really pull off wearing something like this? What did this dress say about me? Was I trying too hard?

Ugh! I wanted so desperately to be sexy, yet I realized I wasn’t even sure I felt comfortable with my own sexiness.

But I persevered. I made myself pick out a dress. I have to admit, I was rather proud of myself. I had shelved my fear and doubt in exchange for a moment of power.

Next on the list was shoes. I love shoes. I’ll buy a pair of shoes that go with only one outfit… this is my obsession. The sexy dress I had just purchased had given me a sense of adventure and courage so finding the shoes was a bonus. I waltzed into the shoe store and picked out a pair of the highest heeled shoes I’ve probably ever owned in my entire life! Take that, doubt!

This visit to the club was going to be amazing and I was ready!

The night finally arrived. I had my dress laid out on the bed along with a cute clutch purse and an array of jewelry just waiting for adornment. What was that? What was that feeling I was getting in the pit of my stomach? Oh no, I was nervous again!

Oh great, now I think I look ridiculous. Who am I kidding in these platform heels and this short dress? You’re far too refined and respectable to allow yourself such silly frivolity. Thanks, ego! I really appreciate those self-defeating comments. Now I feel dumb. Now I don’t want to go. Now I’m scared of what people will think of me.

John stopped what he was doing and reassured me that everything was going to be okay, that I didn’t look ridiculous… I looked beautiful and nothing was going to happen that I couldn’t handle. I was strong and powerful and quite capable of handling this. He was right of course. I could handle this, I just had to remind myself (and my ego) that I was in charge.

OMG… the club was AMAZING! I had never done anything even remotely close to this before. I walked in all nervous and not knowing what to expect, other than some outlandish imagined story that had me entering the club and being dragged to the back somewhere and made to perform some sex act.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I was surprised at how “normal” the patrons were. The club was a collection of society. Some of the couples were new to the club and some had been attending for years. I even met some single men. One man in particular grabbed my attention, and I spent a fair amount of time visiting with him at the bar. Not only that, but they had regular jobs. Go figure!

These people were intelligent and funny and completely in love with the lifestyle. Looking back, I couldn’t have imagined a better example of successful relationships which to emulate than from all the people within the club.

I was safe in a swingers club. Another myth blown!

When I think back to that first visit, I realize how little I knew about the world of swinging. Society had impressed my view of those involved in this lifestyle. It was only when I had the fortitude to test this view for myself did I recognize the skewed narrative.

Not only were the people who attended these clubs genuine and compassionate, they also fostered a safe environment. As a single woman, if you want an uber safe place in which to let your hair down, a swingers club is the perfect destination. You’ll be enveloped by a community of couples and other singles who approach each other with respect, communication, trust, empathy, and compersion.

Orgy World Record Attempt Misses the Mark, Japan Remains On Top


Hundreds of people came, but in the end it was just not enough to capture the gold.

The Blast can report the official number logged in Las Vegas at the attempt to break the record for the largest orgy was 375 … 125 bodies short of breaking Japan’s record of 500 people.

Sources connected to Sin City 8 tell us they attribute the “L” to the shuffling around of the location by the venues.  As we reported, Embassy Suites first bailed on the orgy and weekend long sex romp, and then a last minute scramble from the Erotic Heritage Museum to the Green Door adult social club unfortunately resulted in lower attendance than promoter MenageLife initially expected.

However, we’re told even though records weren’t shattered, guests that showed up had an amazing experience.  We’re told the participants were happy, and overall the weekend and event were great for the swinger lifestyle and community as a whole.

We’re also told organizers already have their sights set on coming back in full force next year for another shot at the world record, so much like the actual Olympics, we must let the competitors rest up and train for Sin City 9.

Congrats to the participants — it may have been a loss — but you’re all winners in our book … just not the Guinness Book.

Have A Sexy Adventure: 4 Reasons You Should Attend A Swinger Club

Mike Hatcher


It’s time for a night out on the town, but what one you never thought of before!

Swinger clubs are fun and sexy spots that are becoming more and more popular everyday. Each and every year, more swinger clubs are opening worldwide. Here’s some of the reasons they have become the talk of the town.

Real world results prove it. When it comes time to spice up a relationship in an open and honest way, where everyone has more fun, a great swinger club is impossible to beat. Fantasies get fulfilled in a way where communication is enhanced and both partners are brought closer together.  And it’s all while having the time of their lives!

Swinger Clubs are Far Beyond Fun

The whole atmosphere of a good swingers club is about having maximum amounts of fun. There’s nothing that matches them for a good night out for many couples. Talk about a true adventure in all the best ways. Sometimes all the usual social events just get boring and dull. That’s not so with swinger clubs where there’s always something new for a pleasant surprise every time you attend.

Swinger Clubs are Safe and Secure

Most swingers clubs put a big emphasis on safety. This means a night out can be enjoyed without any fear or risk of danger, due to the club investing in its trained security presence to make sure nothing gets out of hand. It’s never a bad idea to double check these things at a resource like, who have the latest lists of clubs and information.

How do you pick the right club for you?

Different swinger clubs have different feels and sometimes nights that focus on the fetish scene too. You really have a whole open menu when it comes to exploring the things that add excitement and spice to your sex life. Where and when you choose to go is up to you and your partner and the information is available to you.

All this knowledge can be worth its weight in gold. Who knows, if you time it right and go out soon you may be able to go to one of your favorite themed parties.

Check out the website in the swinger club section for all the latest lists of clubs broken down by location, news and even tips on how to make the most out of your swinger experiences.

Swinger, Monogamish, & 6 Other Words For Open Relationships


When you’re taking your first timid steps into the land of open relationships, everything can feel overwhelming. Not only are you faced with the difficult task of opening your relationship to outside sexual and/or romantic partners without getting bogged down by jealousy, but if you spend any time with the non-monogamous community, then you’ll likely be inundated with a whole new lexicon of terms. Polyamorous, polyfidelitous, ethically non-monogamous, swinging, and the list goes on.
While all of these words fall under the umbrella of open relationships, they each have a different meaning and set of rules attached. So, which word is right for you and your boo’s new situation? We combed the polyglossary at More Than Two for the terms people commonly use. Read on to learn the distinctions between a polyamorous relationship, an open relationship, a monogamish relationship, and more.

Swinger: A swinger is someone who has multiple sexual relationships outside of their primary romantic relationship(s). Swingers usually don’t have emotional connections to people outside of their romantic relationship(s). Some swingers have sex only with close friends (friends-first swinging), and some have sex with strangers or go to swing clubs for the purpose of finding sex with other swingers.

Swinging can be open or closed. Open swinging is when swingers switch partners and then have sex in the same room, sometimes having group sex. Closed swinging is when swingers switch partners and then have sex in separate rooms.

Open relationship: “Open relationship” is sometimes used as an umbrella term to describe any relationship that isn’t sexually and/or romantically monogamous, including polyamory. Open relationship is also sometimes used to describe non-monogamous relationships that aren’t polyamorous, meaning that people are allowed sexual experiences outside of their relationship but not love or romance.
Monogamish: Sex columnist Dan Savage coined the term “monogamish” to mean “mostly monogamous with a little squish around the edges.” That means that a monogamish couple sees each other as their main romantic and sexual partner but allow for outside sexual experiences every once in a while.

Polyamorous: The roots of the word “polyamory” literally mean “many love,” and that’s an accurate description. Polyamorous relationships are different from most other open relationships because it’s the intention of partners in a polyamorous relationship not only to have sex outside of their primary partnerships, but also to find love.

There are many variations of polyamorous relationships. Some are poly and closed, meaning that the group has decided not to have sex with or find relationships with anyone else. Some are poly and open, meaning partners in the group could still have outside sex and relationships. Some include just three people, some include many different people. Some can have all partners on equal footing and some consist of a primary relationship with secondary relationships branching out from there.

Ethical Non-monogamy: Ethical or responsible non-monogamy can describe pretty much all open and polyamorous relationships. It is a term that sets these kinds of relationships apart from cheating by demanding that every partner in an ethically non-monogamous relationship know and agree to their partner’s outside sexual ventures. Usually, ethically non-monogamous relationships involve the partners creating a set of rules or guidelines about what is or is not okay to do with someone who’s not part of the primary relationship.
Polyfidelity: Polyfidelity is one form of polyamory, and could also be called a closed polyamorous relationship. Polyfidelitous relationships involve more than two people, but don’t allow for partners in the relationship to have sex or relationships with people outside of the already established group. For example, there could be a polyamorous throuple (three people in a relationship) who are faithful to each other and satisfied by their dynamic. So, they’ll decide not to add other partners to their relationship.
Polygamy: The roots of the word polygamy means “many marriage.” So, people in a polygamous partnership will have multiple spouses or be one of multiple spouses. Marrying multiple people is illegal in the United States, so polygamous people cannot legally marry more than one of their partners.
Relationship Anarchy: While polyamorous relationships thrive on guidelines and “rules” for the partners involved, relationship anarchists believe that there should be no rules or expectations in any kind of relationship, nor that any one type of relationship holds precedence over another. A relationship anarchist might see a platonic friend as having the same level of importance as a sexual partner, for example. And they wouldn’t feel constrained to monogamy, because they believe that everyone should be able to seek relationships spontaneously.

I Went Undercover To Explore The Secret Life Of Suburban Swingers

Alex Alexander, Blogger

Welcome to Swingtown.

The 1970s are over, but some things are making a comeback: lava lamps, wallpaper, Donna Summer’s concert tour and… swingers.

“The lifestyle” (as swingers fondly call it) is seeping into suburban, upper-middle-class social scenes, and people are taking notice. Over drinks and dessert, discussions once focused on home renovations and restaurant openings are now giving way to talk about wife-swapping and tales of key parties down the block.

Last month, I attended an end-of-the-elementary-school-year family barbecue in my woodsy suburban neighborhood outside of Washington, D.C. Sitting with four other couples as the kids played Wii downstairs, the parents’ conversations turned from second-grade teacher reputations and fourth quarter grades to the rumored “swingers” parties one community over.

Those of us who had heard it before had a twinkle in their eyes. It shocked those who hadn’t — then sparked their curiosity.

Is this curiosity a throwback to the free-feeling 70s or are 30- and 40-something married couples getting restless?

Determined to unravel the mystery, I scored myself an invitation to an underground swingers club. For one night, I gained access to the entire club and got introduced to women who could answer my overriding questions of “why do you do it?” and “how can you do it?”

Tucked behind a nondescript building and a 7/11 is The Tabu Social Club in Catonsville, Maryland. Once you see the blue awning with a fancy “T” you know you’re in the right place. I remember marveling at how their elaborate black iron gate gave the entryway an almost regal quality.


The outgoing owners looked like people I might run into at a health club or local take-out joint. They greeted me warmly and introduced me and first-time member couples to our “tour guides.”

A nice, friendly couple happily approached us and calmly began the tour as if we were checking out a model home or tourist attraction. When they suggested we start downstairs, the newbies and I followed them down a well-lit but long and narrow stairway full of fear.

I imagined what sights I would see at the end. Some kind of orgy? Group sex rooms in full force? Whips and chains? Some scene out of a movie? Not quite yet.

It was still early — 10:45 PM — and the tour began with trips to every “room.” Theme rooms, swing rooms, voyeur rooms — you name it, there they were. Red lights above each doorway indicated what was free, and you had to schedule with the hostess.

From round beds that people outside the window could rotate by pushing a button for an optimal view, to a structured system that involved staffers scheduling rooms and changing sheets, the smoothness of the operation surprised and impressed me.

When they suggested we head to the group room, I tried to feel gusty. Sneaking up on a group of people actually having sex? Peering in, I saw all the beds were empty at this point. The guides informed me things would heat up later.

Couples of all ages and races gathered on the sofas near the “observation rooms” drinking and chatting. Many greeted each other warmly, like old home week. They told me about seventy percent of club members meet up on popular swingers’ websites such as Club Voodoo.

Back upstairs, at first glance, the sprawling bar could have been a regular bar anywhere. The club’s policy was BYOB, and the moment you walked in the bartender smoothly took your bottles and put them on ice. But looking a little more closely, I could see signs this was no ordinary bar.

One woman who looked like she could have been a parent volunteer at my son’s preschool suddenly thanked the female bartender with a passionate kiss instead of a dollar tip. A bartender took his shirt off and accepted five dollar bills down the front of his pants from virtual strangers.

I swear several nicely dressed women smiled right at me instead of at my husband. By far, the most action occurred on the dance floor.

The club planned a “blackout” for midnight (the staff distributed glow sticks throughout the night). They assured me security would be good and nobody would grope anyone without an OK. I would have liked to stay later to see if more action happened, but my husband was anxious to go.

Three things struck me about the club atmosphere and clientele: everyone was in a great mood (and this is before the night’s real action began), lots of people seemed to know each other, and everyone seemed pretty relaxed.

The owners ran their underground swingers club like a business, socialized like a host and hostess would anywhere, and seemed proud to preside over a club that so many people in the swinglifestyle called home on weekend nights.

As for the swinging and social scene? Strange, yes. Sexual? Absolutely. Sleazy? Only a few people who were so scantily dressed my head spun. Surreal? You bet.

People may not understand it or condone it, but perhaps they ought to respect the choice.

Whether you are a woman swept up in thinking about the swingers phenomenon or curious to explore it, the big question on your mind must be this: Why do married women do it? How can they actually step into this world? I spoke to five happily married women swingers to learn more.