Quiver’s Villains and Vixens

Saturday, August 5

Quiver’s Villains and Vixens


Are you a teasing temptress or a hot hero? Let your inner good or bad guy out for a sexy night! Bring on your best villain and vixen looks and promptly take them off for some hotter than August fun.

Get on the Quiver guest list and save $10. Villain and vixen attire encouraged.

Paradise Lifestyle Villas

Hours: 8 p.m. – 4 a.m.

Couples: $80 | Single Ladies: $15 | No Single Men

*Membership required. Must sign up by noon August 5. Cannot be combined with other discount, vouchers or passes. You must arrive before midnight and mention your Quiver name to receive discounts.

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Ladies in Lingerie

Sunday, May 14

Ladies in Lingerie


It’s a sexy Sunday at Trapeze. Ladies, don your lingerie in honor of the occasion. Strut your lusty looks around the club. Time to titillate.

Couples and singles welcome and enjoy complimentary valet parking.

Arrive early and receive a personal guided tour of the club.

Don’t miss:
4-course Dinner Buffet
Late-night Breakfast Buffet
Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages

Hours: 8 p.m. – 3 a.m.

Couples: $40 | Single Ladies: $15 | No Single Men

*Membership to Trapeze required.

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Retro After Party

Sunday, July 17

Retro After Party

We’re throwing it back to the hits of yesteryear at our weekly retro dance party. Hear the hits of yesteryear to get your blood boiling.

Hours: 8 p.m. – 3 a.m.

Couples: $40 | Single Ladies: $15 | No Single Men

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Find Your Mate Contest

Wednesday, June 1

Find Your Mate Contest

Enter at the desk
Ohhh, while blindfolded, use your fingers to trace your way down a plethora of bodies. Find your mate and win $100 cash. Sex in club? Join us for a romp in our club. We encourage you to get frisky on our dance floor and take it to another level in our back room.

To join our contest, just let the girls at the desk know, or flag down a manager.

Hours: 8 p.m. – 4 a.m.

Couples: $40 | Single Ladies: $15 | Single Men: $75

*Membership to Trapeze required.

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Yahoo’s Vicars and Tarts

Friday, February 19

Yahoo’s Vicars and Tarts

Vicars and Tarts(2-16)

yahoogroupsLGForgive me father, for I have sinned…with this outfit! Ladies, do a Julia Roberts and go pretty woman working girl chic tonight. Guys, it’s time to hear confessions. Priests and pastors alike, you won’t be able to resists our ladies.

Get on Yahoo’s Guest List – the only place to be – by leaving a comment here with your Yahoo username and get $10 off* your nightly user fee. Aren’t we awesome? If you show up in boots, you score another $5 off.

Hours: 8 p.m. – 4 a.m.

Couples: $70 | Single Ladies: $15 | Single Men: $75

*Membership required. Must sign up by noon February 19. Cannot be combined with other discounts or passes. You must arrive before 11 p.m. and mention your Yahoo.com name to receive discounts.

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SDC’s Boobalicious Party

Friday, January 22, 2016

SDC’s Boobalicious Party

Boobalicious ATL(1-16)

Hosted/Sponsored by SDC.com
Hosted by SDC Host Couple MODNIK

Laissez la bon temps rouler! Mardi Gras has come to Trapeze! Join us for a sultry and sexy night inspired by the Big Easy.

Add yourself to the SDC Guest List by 7:30pm day of the event and get $10 OFF your Nightly User Fee. Dress in Mardi Gras Colors and get an additional $5 OFF your Nightly User Fee.*

8pm – 4am
Couples: $70 | Single Ladies: $15 | Single Men: $75

*Trapeze Membership required. Cannot be combined with other discounts, vouchers or passes. You must arrive before Midnight and mention your SDC screen name to receive discounts.

15 Sex Resolutions You Should Keep in 2016

They’re a hell of a lot easier to keep than “stop eating so much cheese, it’s getting sad.”

1. Stop faking orgasms. I wish I’d made this resolution sooner, but if you haven’t yet, there’s no time like the present. Really and truly, if he can’t figure out how to make you come and he has no interest in learning, oh my god, please, just stop dating him because he is the worst. Bonus points for telling him, “Please get better at this. This was not that great for me,” before you break up with him so hopefully he can get better before meeting his next sex partner.

2. Stop accepting that he “just doesn’t like” going down on you. Sweet and lovely human being, if you’re going down on him, there’s no reason he can’t go down on you. Seriously. There is no reason. None. Your vagina is amazing.

3. Throw out any underwear that doesn’t make you feel hot AF. You know which ones I’m talking about. Even if no one else is seeing them, always wearing awesome ones will just make you feel awesome. That’s just as important, if not more so.

4. Start initiating sex when you want to. There’s nothing that says you have to sit around waiting for him to start something. You just woke up super turned on because you had a dream about someone you’d never have sex with in a million years, but somehow at the time it was really hot and he’s right next to you? Go for it. Also, what the hell is with dreams like that?

5. Tell him exactly what you want him to do. Even if it’s just a “Maybe could you kind of” kind of assertiveness, that’s better than expecting him to read your mind and being pissed that he couldn’t. Plus, once you do that, then he’ll know and he’ll just do it automatically. It’s fantastic.

6. Just kiss more often. Not “OK, kissing for like five minutes and then sex,” which is fine too, but man, kissing for prolonged periods of time was super hot when you were 15 and I gotta say, it’s still true now.

7. Find your G-spot. It’s not that hard. You can pretty much just Google it right now. Or take your fingers, make a hook like you’re telling someone to come over to you. That’s what you need to be doing. Problem solved.

8. Don’t worry about how your body looks during sex. I always just assume I look incredibly hot. Why? Because I try to have sex with people who think I always look incredibly hot. That part really helps.

9. Carry condoms with you in case he doesn’t have them. One time I was about to have what I’ve always imagined might have been the best sex I’d ever had in my life with someone and he didn’t have a condom and neither did I, so he had to search for them in the middle of the night when everything was closed like he was searching for an oasis in a desert. He found some, hours later, but yeah, it was pretty much gone at that point.

10. Spend some serious time with your vagina. Make sure you know what it looks like, smells like, etc. Because the more you’re into it, the less you’ll worry about whether or not he’s into it. Plus, if you know what it’s usually like, you’ll be able to spot when something might be wrong.

11. Only have sex when you 100 percent want to have sex. Sexual situations usually happen pretty quickly and don’t really allow a ton of time for introspection and “Do I actually want to do this?” conversations with yourself, but it’s completely worth it to try and take some time. Sometimes I’ve just excused myself to go to the bathroom so I could have a minute to think about whether or not I really wanted to, if I felt comfortable with this person, and whether or not I trusted them on some level. And once you figure out that you do, the sex is also a million times better. So that’s cool.

12. Stop telling him something feels good when it doesn’t. Or when it just feels kind of “meh.” Of course you want to make the person you’re sleeping with feel comfortable and awesome and that’s great, but when he asks, “Does that feel OK?” and you’re thinking, “Uh, yes, if I were unable to feel pain and loved things that feel like garbage,” tell him what he could do so it does feel good. You can do it!

13. Don’t give a shit whether you shaved or not. I refuse to believe that anyone has ever seen an unshaved vagina/legs/underarms and been like, “This is unacceptable. I am going home. Good day.” Because they still get to have sex with you. Also, because it is not 1930 and no one talks like that, but, man, I wish they did.

14. Stop worrying about sleeping with someone new. You’re never going to “forget” how to do things and anything new will be figured out as you go along, I repeat to myself over and over again in their guest bathroom.

15. Actually get tested for STDs. I have friends who are too afraid to go, which honestly makes me think they need to go more than anyone. I get tested entirely too often, to the point where my doctor is like, “Why are you here? Nothing about your sex life indicates it is possible for you to have an STD. Please find a new hobby,” and I’m like, “OK.”

Ladies, only the best for you

Here’s the First Condom Ad Aimed at Fornication-Positive, Environmentally Minded Feminists

Nothing but the best for her vagina

By Rebecca Cullers

Sustain has become the first condom brand to aggressively market to clearly unmarried women for the sake of recreational sex with globe-trotting good Samaritans.

Jeff and Meika Hollender, the father-daughter duo who started the brand (yes, condoms can be a family business), were looking for someone to buy into rubbers made with sustainable rubber. And naturally, they looked to women.

It’s not a small market. Some 40 percent of condoms are bought by women, and research says most of those women hate buying them. Worse, only 19 percent of women age 22-44 use condoms regularly. Sustain wanted single women to be more comfortable buying their own condoms and insisting that men use them.

Which brings us to our sex-positive protagonist. She doesn’t rely on her hot, socially conscious lay to have an unexpired, unscented, properly sized condom. No, she buys her own, and because she’s all about practicing what she preaches, she makes sure they’re produced with sustainable, fair-trade rubber from a brand that also gives 10 percent back to support women’s reproductive health.

Yes, this modern woman with her slight southern draw has all the shock potential but without quite the acting chops of the Poo-Pouri girl. But all Sustain has to do is get some conservatives upset about this ad showing a lady who enjoys having sex for fun, and it could go all the way.

Let it Go New Year’s Eve Party

Join the Trapeze New Year’s Eve Party and swing in 2015 properly. Let 2014 go with a snowy shin dig.  All of the pretty partiers will be in our club. Order tickets ahead of time by speaking to the staff. The event sells out every year.

On the menu: Surf & Turf and a champagne toast at midnight.


$175 if purchased close of business Dec. 28.

$200 if purchased at the door.

$80 for entrance after midnight.

Single Ladies: $50

No Single Men.

Hours: 8 p.m.- 4 a.m.

*Memberships required.

Breast Cancer Survivors Reclaiming Bodies

In the swinging world, so much emphasis is placed on the perfect perky breast. Now, thanks to an app and tattoos, women are reclaiming their bodies, post cancer.


Inkspiration, the new app from P.Ink, can be viewed in this screen grab. PersonalInkProject/YouTube

P.ink, an organization that assists breast cancer survivors, has kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a new tattoo app designed to help women who are looking to hide scar tissue.

Launched in early 2013, P.ink helps breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomies and breast reconstruction by connecting them with a tattoo artist that creates designs to cover and hide scar tissue from such operations. Now the organization has released Inkspiration, an app that gives women a preview of how a particular tattoo would look on their bodies.

“When you’ve had a mastectomy, whether you’ve had plastic surgery or not, you’re still going to have scar tissue…many survivors who are not ‘tattoo people’ are suddenly open to it,” said Noel Franus, a co-founder of P.ink.

With the app, a woman can take a picture of her body, paste a tattoo on to it and see if she likes how it looks. The app also displays body types with common forms of scar tissue that may result from mastectomies. Once they have made a decision, the organization helps connect them with a tattoo artist who has experience in tattooing mastectomy scar tissue.

Karen Richards was one of the beta testers for the app and says it’s a great device for women who are unsure about or trying to find the right tattoo and is for women who have undergone breast reconstruction or not.

“I think it’s an incredible way for women to experiment with tattoos and designs before they commit to having ink on their body.”

Richards, a 12-year breast cancer survivor, says the scarring acts as a reminder of the ordeal.

“Even though my scars have faded, it’s still the very first thing I see when I look in the mirror,” she said. “For me, it doesn’t matter how long has passed. It’s still the first thing I see.”

Franus says the app will soon offer more features, including an option for purchasing temporary tattoos in the mail.

“The big deal is they have for the first time a very visceral look at what the future looks like on their own terms.”

Richards has not yet come to a decision. I’m working with my artist,” she says, and using the app to experiment with different designs.

Inkspiration is only available on the iPhone, but an android-version is expected to be released soon.

Tattoo artist Samantha Rae will be tattooing Carey Radsma, a breast cancer survivor, with a cherry blossom tattoo over her mastectomy scars on Oct. 10 in Vancouver for P.ink Day.

Photograph by: Aaron Hinks , Nanaimo Daily News

Breast cancer survivors reclaim their bodies with tattoos

A few months into what Carey Radsma calls her “breast cancer journey,” she told her daughter she wanted a tattoo.

On Oct. 10, with her daughter at her side, Radsma will get her tattoo — a cherry blossom design that will flow over both breasts and conceal her mastectomy scars.

“I’m just so excited,” she said Saturday.

Radsma was selected to be part of P.ink Day, a North American movement that brings breast cancer survivors together with tattoo artists for free treatment. “Breast cancer doesn’t have to leave the last mark,” says the P.ink Day website.

For Radsma, it’s about “moving forward.”

The Sooke woman said she can live with the scars, but the thought of looking in the mirror and seeing something beautiful in their place is inspiring.

Radsma chose branches and cherry blossoms to represent a fresh start. Her experience with breast cancer has changed the way she lives — from worrying the disease could return, to focusing more on her family and friends.

“The blossoms symbolize a new beginning,” she said.

Radsma’s tattoo will be done by Samantha Rae, a Qualicum Beach tattoo artist.

Rae said mastectomy scars vary by person and procedure. Scar tissue takes ink differently than other skin, requiring an artist with special training and experience.

“If you have [a tattoo artist] who knows what they’re doing, the results are amazing,” she said.

Radsma’s tattoo will take six or seven hours, covering both breasts with black and grey branches and pink cherry blossoms. A small hummingbird, representing Radsma’s supporters, will cover another scar left by an IV port.

“It will be a floral, flowing piece,” said Rae.

The tattoo will be done at Compassionate Beauty, an oncology boutique and spa in Kitsilano.

“We’re happy to be hosting,” said owner Cathie Easdown. “For some women, this is a way to reclaim their body and embrace their journey.”

Radsma’s journey began a few days after her 50th birthday in December 2010, when she found a lump in one of her breasts. A biopsy diagnosed breast cancer, which had infected her lymph nodes as well.

“The world turned upside-down,” she recalled.

Radsma underwent 15 rounds of chemotherapy and 30 rounds of radiation. She had both breasts removed in July 2012.

Reconstruction began almost immediately, with a plastic surgeon beginning the process during the mastectomy. The process was completed in January 2013.

Radsma expects the tattoo will bring further healing. The grandmother said she was “ecstatic” when she found the design she wanted. She knows Oct. 10 will be an emotional day, tearing up a little as she talked about it.

“Emotional, but all positive, all good,” she said.